Thursday, 6 July 2017

Term 2 Reflection

WALT make a face of what we look like in this term.

 I enjoyed making this face this term, doing my Matariki, reading, writing, maths and uploading stuff to my blog because it helps me learn more stuff.  Putting it on my blog helps me not to forget what I have learned.

This term I found it challenging doing division because I don't really get how people say its opposite of X's tables because it just confuses me and makes me forget how to do it sometimes.

I found it fun making my emoji because I loved making the background and making my person

I am looking forward to next term doing some new reading stuff because my favorite bit of the day is reading.

matriki writing

WALT write to the prime minister writing of matrix ie. I enjoyed doing the title. I found challenging doing the writing for another reason.

Why The Maori New Year should be a holiday for school kids and adults and teenagers

My most important reason is. that Maori new year is a special day we get to celebrate to the Maori people and have food cooked underground and have fun.

Another reason is. That we learn how Maori lived and survived back in the days and how they hunted animals and made stuff like house and tools.

Finally. At the end of the day or that you can enjoy watching the 7 sister stars in the Sky.

That's why I think The Maori New Year should be a holiday for school kids and adults and teenagers.

By Harley.A

what sort are food harvest this year (matariki)

WALT what food are harvested this kind of Year? I enjoyed Putting background in. I found challenging doing the harvested food facts

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Matarike & sisters names and facts

WALT Matariki I enjoyed putting stars in I found challenging trying to get the names